Independent Advice

At Collings Financial we work specifically for our clients. With a fee-only model there's no hidden sales agenda. 

Qualified Analysis

Ian Collings is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) charterholder and Certified Financial Planner (CFP) certificant with nearly two decades of industry experience. 

Peace of Mind

We build disciplined academic portfolios which seek to minimize taxes, and put you on track to reach your financial goals. 

Who are our Clients?

Our clients are Individuals & Families, Trusts & Institutions, and Corporations.

What can we do for You?


Investment Management

Let us help your investments grow. We  personalize your portfolio based on your financial goals and risk appetite. With a disciplined approach to investing, we set our clients up for greater long-term gain. 


fee-only Financial Planning

We offer goal-based, fee-only financial planning to help you achieve specific financial goals.

  • Retirement Planning

  • Asset Organization

  • Risk Management

  • Estate Considerations


Tax Planning

With our expertise, we can help you build your financial plan with consideration of tax impacts.


Our Investment Philosophy

At Collings Financial, we believe that the right financial advisor plays a vital role in keeping investors focused on what really matters. 


Our Investment Strategy


We can't predict the future

Some investors try to outguess the market through stock picking or market timing, but only about 17% of funds that use this strategy have survived and outperformed their benchmarks over the past 15 years. Instead of trying to predict the future, Collings Financial takes a disciplined approach to investing so that your portfolio is resilient against unexpected market drops. 

Source: Pursuing a Better Investment Experience by Dimensional Funds

Performance of funds when investors try to outguess the market


It's about the long term

The financial markets have rewarded long-term investors. At Collings Financial, we look at the long term because history has shown that equity and bond markets have always provided growth of wealth that has more than offset inflation.

Source: Pursuing a Better Investment Experience by Dimensional Funds


Eggs in many baskets

Diversification helps reduce risks that have no expected return, but diversifying within your home market is not enough. Global diversification can broaden your investment universe.

Source: Pursuing a Better Investment Experience by Dimensional Funds

Model Canadian Equity Index Portfolio Model Global Diversified Equity Index Portfolio
Annualized Return (%) 8.73 10.02
Annualized Standard Deviation (%) 14.12 11.37

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Why Clients Choose Ian

Fee based approach which in my opinion allows me to ‘let my guard down’ and trust Ian as an advisor.  Opposite is the case with commission –based advisors (eg at the bank) whom I could not fully trust.
— C.D., Geologist & Business Owner
[Was] looking for someone who could provide recommendations and not just push their own company’s products. We like him because he has a sound financial background (CFA).
— N.S., Retired Marine Engineer
Wanted an advisor who was focused on my financial objectives compared to prior advisor who wanted to change strategy too frequently.
— B.V., Accountant & Business Owner

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